SwanseaCon 2017

2017-09-26, , Comments

I’m just back from a packed two days at SwanseaCon and would like to thank the organisers, speakers and participants for making such a welcoming and diverse conference happen right where I live.

For me, highlights included:

  • Professor Dave Snowden’s erudite and slide-free talk. It was a privilege to listen: although I may not quite have kept up, I will certainly follow up
  • Irina Tsyganok’s sensitive and inspirational presentation on pair-programming
  • Lawrence Weetman’s dishwashing demo — with three on-stage helpers, no less
  • Scott Fulton’s honest report on some personal agile life lessons

The venue wasn’t too shabby either.

The view from SwanseaCon

Having attended a fair few technical conferences, it felt refreshing and important to be part of something a little softer. Software development is about community, communication and culture, and SwanseaCon scored top marks on all three.

So, again, thanks!