Subversion 1.4


Subversion 1.4 has been released, and it looks as though the upgrade should be entirely painless.

Working Copy Improvements

I did notice that, with Subversion 1.3, it took longer than I’d have liked to check out working copies containing many tens of thousands of files; the reason being the number of files created and cached in the hidden .svn directories.

The release notes for Subversion 1.4 claim:

Huge working-copy performance improvements.

which later gets elaborated on:

The new working copy format allows the client to more quickly search a working copy, detect file modifications, manage property metadata, and deal with large files. The overall disk footprint is smaller as well, with fewer inodes being used.

This looks very promising.


I also note the apearance of svnsync, “a new repository mirroring tool”, which looks as if it will supercede a lot of home-brewed backup scripts, as well as making my notes on mirroring a Subversion repository incomplete.