Awesome presentations

2007-04-27, Comments

Gail had to do a presentation last week. Sensibly, she concentrated on what she had to say. She also decided to get some slides together. It was a great presentation which unfortunately I can’t share, so instead I’ll share a few links to some equally great ones.

  • Pete Goodliffe, the crafty coder, appeals to all the senses in his keynote about this software stuff. You have to check out the artwork on this one.
  • Another Peter, Norvig, uses modern technology to turn a classic speech into a classy presentation.
  • Demetri Martin clearifies things. You’ll have to watch the first episode for a couple minutes before you get to the presentation, but it’s well worth it just to see him jump on the desk and fire out his bullet-points:
    • Leverage Levers
    • Liquidate Liquids 1
    • Capitalize Capitals
  • Kragen Sitaker works some html/javascript magic to turn words into images.


“Carl, you know what I’m talking about, ‘beverages’”