When computer applications reside on the web

2006-10-30, Comments

In an article about Steve Wozniak published in yesterday’s Observer newspaper it says:

But that doesn’t stop him criticising the OS X operating system and looking forward to the day when computer applications reside on the web and consumers are released from the regular upgrade tyranny.

I’m not sure what the criticism of OS X is about (as a recent convert to Apple computers for development work, it seems rather good), but I certainly agree with the rest of the sentence.

The predicted move towards server-based applications is nothing new, of course. Some of my friends argue that people have been going on about this move for such a long time that if it hasn’t happened yet — which it hasn’t, really — then it isn’t going to happen. I would counter that it is happening already; it’s just more of an evolution than a revolution, but, with the various dependencies (reliable broadband internet connections, compliant web-browsers, attractive web applications) falling into place, it’s unstoppable.

Here are some web-based applications I use:

There are probably more which I don’t even realise I’m using. I really wouldn’t want to manage any of these locally ever again.