2013-04-17, , Comments

I like working around enthusiasts and optimists but that doesn’t mean I want to use chirpy or bombastic software.

These days I build programs using visual studio. Sure, it’s a decent tool but part of me cringes every time I’m asked to open a “Solution” especially when what I get seems more like a “Muddle”. A progress bar slides into action after my program links: “Updating Intellisense …”

Who coined that galumphing portmanteau? It means auto-completion and I don’t want to know it’s going on — especially since I edit code using Emacs.

Perforce is new to me and I lean on a graphical client so heavily I sometimes trip over it. So when I’m trying to dance round client workspaces and their half-baked integration with microsoft muddles solutions, the last thing I want is to be asked to “Choose a Favorite Connection”. When it comes to Perforce Servers I don’t have favourites let alone favorites. Sorry.