Printed C++ Journals

2006-12-14, Comments

Scott Meyers dropped in on the accu-general mailing list recently to discuss the state of C++ article publishing. I think it’s fair to say that he’s dismayed by the steady decline of printed journals specialising in C++ such as CUJ.

(During the course of the email thread, Scott stated that CUJ used to have a circulation of 40,000. 40,000! Surely that’s enough for a magazine to be viable?)

Despite this decline, ACCU publishes two such journals. These journals don’t just cover C++ — their range extends to pretty much anything relating to programming — but C++ is always strongly represented.

I read the December editions last week and was reminded just why I both subscribe to and write for ACCU. Some things deserve to be read and to be re-read, and I think the printed form serves such thoughtful material well. It’s easier to concentrate on a programming article offline. Sadly, too many online journals drown in the presence of animated adverts.

For me, a couple of articles stood out:

  • “Library Vendors and the Non-Existent C++ ABI”, by Andrew Marlow, which pointed out the madness of trying to deliver compiled C++ libraries.

  • “Pooled Lists”, by Christopher Baus, which provides a succinct masterclass in how to design an STL compliant list offering precision control over bulk memory allocations (and guess what, custom allocators didn’t get a look in).

The Baus article is available online. Why not print yourself a copy?