Overload Online


One of the ACCU journals, Overload, is now available online and open for all to read.

Printed Magazines

In an age where printed magazines about software development seem to be disappearing fast (are any left?) the ACCU publishes not one but two such magazines for its members: CVu and Overload. And yet these magazines aren’t widely known. You won’t find them in a newsagents. You probably won’t find them in your company library.

I consider myself lucky to have discovered them. In my case, they did appear in a company library.

Amateurs and Enthusiasts

The great thing about CVu and Overload is that they are written by software developers for software developers. There’s no hidden agenda: nothing is being pushed, promoted or sold. The writers aren’t paid. Nor are the editors. They are amateurs, in the sense that they do what they do because they love doing it … and sometimes, perhaps, in the sense that they are inexperienced — of course they are, they’re professional programmers, not professional writers. In all cases what they have to say is interesting, and their enthusiasm shines through.

Online Magazines

Does the appearance of Overload online signal the demise of the print edition? I doubt it. After all, most of the material is already freely available on ACCU members’ websites. Maybe the ACCU will merge its printed magazines; maybe all of the material will eventually be made available online. Whatever happens, I’ll keep reading.