Hosting for Life? TextDrive revived!

2013-03-06, Comments

Towards the end of last year I was emailed by Jason Hoffman from Joyent. Joyent owned TextDrive, the company which, 6 years ago, offered web hosting for life in return for a single up-front payment. Jason’s email said this lifetime hosting — legacy service, he called it — was nearing End of Life (!) and would be sunsetted (!!) at the end of October 2012.

TextDrive banner

As a TextDrive customer I reckon I’d had good value from the original deal, but while six years may seem like forever on the internet it’s surely not a lifetime. Happily TextDrive’s original founder, Dean Allen, felt the same way: he emailed me to say he’d be relaunching TextDrive on a new, modern, infrastructure.

Quite how this pans out remains to be seen but I’m sticking it out. If you’re reading this page, great: it’s been served up by the new, modern infrastructure which Dean mentioned. Whilst migrating I’ve had to fiddle with rewrite rules and tinker with DNS records and file permissions. Any glitches or oddities, please let me know.