Feeding an internet addiction


Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong. After all, I can remember when computers weren’t connected to each other let alone to the internet; when there was no http, no www, just newsgroups filled with arguments about gun control; when a dial-up connection made it too much hassle; when I could never find anything of interest anyway.

My subsequent decline has been gradual. I’ve been lured by ASDL and a decent ISP. A reliable wireless network. A laptop with a reasonable battery life. Syndication. Google reader.

What shames me most is that I still find little of interest. Burst culture wearies me. I digest digests which do nothing more than link back to the same few nuggets of real content. Yes, I get the picture: google maps have gone 3D. Cool! We’re used to people using mobile phones to be somewhere else — how long before their phones put them right back where they are, but virtually?

What hope is there for me? Well, I’m not much of an instant messenger. And despite my phone’s best efforts I’m not going to use it for web-surfing. But danger lurks! A while back I noted that planes and trains were good places to concentrate, primarily because of the absence of an internet connection. Now those benign tempters from google have found a way to for me to download the internet and take it with me. There can be no escape.