Erlang Erlang

2008-01-15, Comments

Programming Erlang

… so I order a single copy of “Programming Erlang” from amazon

Multiple Dispatch

but they send two which is

Programming Erlang 1 Programming Erlang 2

Distributed Systems

ok because now I have one for home and one for work

Fault Tolerance

but double checking the invoice I see the book packing robot in the warehouse made no mistake and I in fact carelessly ordered not one but two copies

Parallel Processing

and then I recall being distracted at the point of sale since I’m after the erlang book but amazon offers me a better deal if I pair it with some other book which I do but maybe forget to remove the original then while coasting towards the checkout I’m answering an email or an instant message or something and fail to spot my mistake

Error Handling

so now I return the duplicate and will do one thing at a time next time …