Articles tagged Shell

  1. Python Streams vs Unix Pipes
  2. Man or man(1)?
  3. DEFLATE: run-length encoding, but better. An investigation into the extended run-length encoder at the heart of the Zlib compression library.
  4. Fixing header file dependencies. A simple script to check header files are self contained
  5. Curling for web sites. A script using curl and bash to detect when a website status changes.
  6. Takewhile drops one
  7. Hunting down globals with nm
  8. Top Ten Tags. Choosing the right algorithm to select the N largest items from a collection.
  9. File shifting using lftp and rsync. Sometimes it's easier to shift files using the command line, rather than a GUI.
  10. svn help patch
  11. PyCon UK: statistics, pictures and perennial problems
  12. The Granny—Stroustrup Scale
  13. He Sells Shell Scripts to Intersect Sets. The Unix command shell contains a lot of what I like in a programming environment: it’s dynamic, high-level, interpreted, flexible, succinct. This article shows the Unix tools in action.
  14. Shells, Logs and Pipes
  15. Ignoring .svn directories
  16. A Subversion Pre-Commit Hook. How to install and test a simple Subversion pre-commit hook script.