Articles tagged ACCU

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  4. Lessons from the OuLiPo. All about a talk I'll be giving at ACCU 2015
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  6. An Exploration of the Phenomenology of Software Development
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  8. ACCU Bristol and Bath
  9. Inner, Outer, Shake it all abouter. Encapsulation is about allocating responsibility and easing utility rather than protecting data.
  10. Software development checklist += 3
  11. Spolsky podcast causes exercise bike incident
  12. Tell me about … Virtualization. An attempt to describe virtualization, why it's useful, and when to consider using it.
  13. Entertaining Documentation
  14. Fixing Compiler Warnings the Hard Way. Listen when your compiler grumbles, but sometimes you should ignore its suggestions.
  15. Programming Nirvana, Plan B. Simon Peyton Jones discusses functional programming, Haskell, and promotes a radical route to programming Nirvana at ACCU 2008.
  16. Fun with Erlang, ACCU 2008
  17. Ima Lumberjack, (s)he’s OK. Gender-neutral technical writing using fictional names.
  18. Tracing function calls using Python decorators. Developing code to trace function calls using Python decorators.
  19. ACCU Conference 2008. A preview of ACCU 2008.
  20. Seeing with a fresh pair of ears
  21. Paralipsis
  22. PyCon UK: statistics, pictures and perennial problems
  23. Pitching Python in three syllables
  24. Koenig’s first rule of debugging. The problems caused by the C++ compilation model, dependencies and cryptic compile diagnostics. If an expert like Andrew Koenig can’t get it right, what hope for the rest of us?
  25. He Sells Shell Scripts to Intersect Sets. The Unix command shell contains a lot of what I like in a programming environment: it’s dynamic, high-level, interpreted, flexible, succinct. This article shows the Unix tools in action.
  26. Printed C++ Journals
  27. Soft Documentation. A software developer's investigation into documentation tools.
  28. The case against TODO. A neat label for work in progress or an easy way to disguise the flaws in a codebase?
  29. Metaprogramming is Your Friend. An investigation into metaprogramming techniques used by lazy C, C++, Lisp and Python programmers.
  30. A Mini-Project to Decode a Mini-Language
  31. Code in Comments. Don't comment out dead code, delete it!
  32. Brackets Off! Thoughts on operator precedence.