Articles tagged Streams

  1. Creating a dict of lists in Python
  2. Lazy sequences working hard
  3. Python Streams vs Unix Pipes
  4. Group When
  5. Run-length encoding in Python
  6. DEFLATE: run-length encoding, but better. An investigation into the extended run-length encoder at the heart of the Zlib compression library.
  7. Copy, load, redirect and tee using C++ streambufs. The C++ iostream library separates formatting from lower level read/write operations. This article shows how to use C++ stream buffers to copy, load, redirect and tee streams.
  8. Patience sort and the Longest increasing subsequence. How a simple card game provides an efficient algorithm for finding the longest increasing subsequence of a given sequence.
  9. Removing duplicates using itertools.groupby. An interpreted Python session showing itertools in action.
  10. Merging sorted streams in Python. Did you know that Python's for loops can have an else clause? Here's how it can be used in a stream-merging function.
  11. Running Sums in Python. A Python program to generate the running sum of a series.
  12. Takewhile drops one
  13. Sugar Pie. Approximating pi by scattering sugar.
  14. Animated pair streams. Another look at the functional programming problem of generating an infinite sequence of pairs. An example of using the Python Imaging Library to generate an animated GIF.
  15. The Maximum Sum contiguous subsequence problem. A stream-based solution to a classic computer science problem.
  16. Zippy triples served with Python. How do you generate previous, this, next, triples from a collection. A stream-based solution in Python.
  17. He Sells Shell Scripts to Intersect Sets. The Unix command shell contains a lot of what I like in a programming environment: it’s dynamic, high-level, interpreted, flexible, succinct. This article shows the Unix tools in action.