Articles tagged Puzzles

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  10. 8 Queens Puzzle
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  13. Clown, Flee, Jump
  14. Patience Sorted
  15. Next permutation: When C++ gets it right. An investigation into a classic algorithm for generating the distinct permutations of a sequence in lexicographical order.
  16. Favicon. Why my favicon is a jigsaw piece.
  17. Blackmail made easy using Python counters. A programming puzzle and a discussion of Python's evolution.
  18. Partitioning with Python
  19. Oulipo and the Eodermdrome challenge. The word EODERMDROME is itself an eodermdrome. Can you find any others?
  20. Ordered sublists. A brute force approach. A brute force solution to the longest increasing subsequence problem.
  21. A race within a race
  22. What’s in the box?
  23. A Little Teaser. Keen Eyes? You’ll See! Follow the clues to reveal the hidden message.
  24. Sums and sums of squares in C++. Reduce is a higher order function which applies a another function repeatedly to a collection of values, accumulating the result. Well known to functional programmers, reduce is also a standard C++ algorithm.
  25. Stop the clock, squash the bug. Which is better, a clock which loses a minute a day or one which is stopped? An investigation into how we find and fix software defects.
  26. Drawing Chessboards. An article about creating graphics programmatically.
  27. Sugar Pie. Approximating pi by scattering sugar.
  28. Animated pair streams. Another look at the functional programming problem of generating an infinite sequence of pairs. An example of using the Python Imaging Library to generate an animated GIF.
  29. The Maximum Sum contiguous subsequence problem. A stream-based solution to a classic computer science problem.
  30. Zippy triples served with Python. How do you generate previous, this, next, triples from a collection. A stream-based solution in Python.
  31. Big City Skyline Puzzle. Comments on a novel computer science puzzle. When machine resources are scarce, a compiled language offers precise control.
  32. In, on and out of boxes
  33. Why Python programmers should learn Python
  34. Oberon, Cromarty, Lisa, Waggledance, Ariel
  35. Joined Output and the Fencepost Problem. Items and the spaces between them: some notes on the fencepost problem and joining up strings.
  36. The Lazy Builder’s Complexity Lesson. A discussion of algorithmic complexity, and a demonstration of how the C++ standard library allows programmers to write code which is both concise and efficient.
  37. Look and Say Numbers
  38. Polyominoes
  39. Friday Puzzles
  40. String literals and regular expressions. An article about string literals, escape sequences, regular expressions, and the problems encountered when mixing these together.
  41. Generating solutions to the 8 Queens Puzzle