Articles tagged Characters

  1. Equality and Equivalence
  2. Blackmail made easy using Python counters. A programming puzzle and a discussion of Python's evolution.
  3. Could OCR conquer the calligraphylion? A note on the challenge which Arabic script sets for optical character recognition engines.
  4. Patience sort and the Longest increasing subsequence. How a simple card game provides an efficient algorithm for finding the longest increasing subsequence of a given sequence.
  5. Python was named after a comedy troupe. This note discusses what makes a good name for a computer language.
  6. What’s in the box?
  7. A Little Teaser. Keen Eyes? You’ll See! Follow the clues to reveal the hidden message.
  8. BIG G little g - What begins with G? Capitalisation: Google or google?
  9. Looping forever and ever
  10. Macros with halos
  11. White black knight then black white knight. Yet more on drawing chessboards
  12. Drawing Chess Positions. A follow-up article on scripting graphics.
  13. Drawing Chessboards. An article about creating graphics programmatically.
  14. Attack of the Alien Asterisks. Unusual font rendering on Windows
  15. From Hash Key to Haskell. A note on keys, characters, smileys, digraphs and Haskell.
  16. A yen for more symbols
  17. String literals and regular expressions. An article about string literals, escape sequences, regular expressions, and the problems encountered when mixing these together.