Articles tagged Algorithms

  1. Advent of Code
  2. Patience Sorted
  3. Singly Linked Lists in C++
  4. Two star programming
  5. Life goes on
  6. Life on Canvas
  7. Equality and Equivalence
  8. Binary search revisited
  9. Binary search returns … ?
  10. Next permutation: When C++ gets it right. An investigation into a classic algorithm for generating the distinct permutations of a sequence in lexicographical order.
  11. Partitioning with Python
  12. Patience sort and the Longest increasing subsequence. How a simple card game provides an efficient algorithm for finding the longest increasing subsequence of a given sequence.
  13. Longest common subsequence. An investigation into the classic computer science problem of calculating the longest common subsequence of two sequences, and its relationship to the edit distance and longest increasing subsequence problems.
  14. Maximum of an empty sequence?
  15. Running Sums in Python. A Python program to generate the running sum of a series.
  16. Takewhile drops one
  17. Sugar Pie. Approximating pi by scattering sugar.
  18. Top Ten Percent. The most efficient way to sort the top 10% of a collection.
  19. Top Ten Tags. Choosing the right algorithm to select the N largest items from a collection.
  20. Animated pair streams. Another look at the functional programming problem of generating an infinite sequence of pairs. An example of using the Python Imaging Library to generate an animated GIF.
  21. The Maximum Sum contiguous subsequence problem. A stream-based solution to a classic computer science problem.
  22. Elegance and Efficiency. Must elegant code be efficient? This article investigates.
  23. Space sensitive programming
  24. Joined Output and the Fencepost Problem. Items and the spaces between them: some notes on the fencepost problem and joining up strings.
  25. Look and Say Numbers