Articles tagged Self

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  3. Unit Tests Questioned
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  19. Ordered sublists. A brute force approach. A brute force solution to the longest increasing subsequence problem.
  20. A race within a race
  21. Distorted Software. What does software look like? This article suggests that architecture diagrams get the emphasis wrong.
  23. Nonce Sense. Cryptography
  24. Accidental Emacs. A list of Emacs modes and tricks I use all the time but discovered by accident.
  25. Fun with Erlang, ACCU 2008
  26. White black knight then black white knight. Yet more on drawing chessboards
  27. Ima Lumberjack, (s)he’s OK. Gender-neutral technical writing using fictional names.
  28. The Price of Coffee. Offering something for nothing and getting paid nothing for it. Leap day ramblings.
  29. No www, yes comments, no categories
  30. Attack of the Alien Asterisks. Unusual font rendering on Windows
  31. Erlang Erlang. A parallel processing problem.
  32. So many feeds, so little news. So many feeds, so little news. A reflection on internet consumption.
  33. Not my links
  34. Paging through the Manual using Access Keys
  35. Metablog. Reflections on 14 months of blogging, and why I'm no longer using Typo.
  36. RTM vs STW
  37. Seeing with a fresh pair of ears
  38. Reversing Hofstadter’s Law
  39. Ongoing Peer Review
  40. Fixed Wheels and Simple Designs
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  42. When web search results get read out of context
  43. In, on and out of boxes
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  45. How many restarts?
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  48. Awesome presentations
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  57. Functional Programming “Aha!” Moments
  58. Spam, Typo, Subversion Logs
  59. The Etch-A-Sketch User Interface
  60. The Lazy Builder’s Complexity Lesson. A discussion of algorithmic complexity, and a demonstration of how the C++ standard library allows programmers to write code which is both concise and efficient.
  61. Soft Documentation. A software developer's investigation into documentation tools.
  62. Personal overnight builds
  63. Sounds of the Tokyo Metro